Academic Champion

School safety and student success are of paramount concern to families, school administrators, law enforcement officials, politicians, and students. Academic Champion is an evidence-based, customized service-offering developed exclusively by NCPH for early learning centers, K-12 institutions, colleges/universities, and graduate schools (medical, law, pharmacy, dental, nursing, and veterinary sciences).

The objective of Academic Champion is to destigmatize, raise awareness, and improve access for those students whose academic performance has been impeded by emotional or learning challenges. Through prevention, early intervention, and a multi-tiered system of supports, school safety and student success can be optimized.

NCPH’s unique, physician directed solutions help offset academic stress. Learning, concentration, impulse control, short-term memory, rational thought, judgement, and decision-making can all become quickly impaired; impacting academic performance. Some core features of Academic Champion are:

  • 24/7/365 help line with live telephonic access to a qualified clinician experienced to triage academic performance concerns

  • Protocols for early identification of high risk students (Students of Concern)

  • Navigation assistance to identify best qualified clinicians

  • On-site trainings for students, staff, and families

  • Models may include face-to-face sessions

  • Intruder alert system