Our Difference

National Center for Performance Health offers a flexible range of options to help companies and individuals optimize human performance. From professional athletes and top business executives, to students and stay-at-home dads, you hold yourselves more accountable than anybody else can. We have seen firsthand, the detrimental effects this can have on relationships, personal health, and overall well-being.

Our comprehensive network of performance health professionals, led by world-renowned psychiatrist Rahul N. Mehra, M.D., is specially trained to guide you through the stresses of a high-pressure life. We believe that your peak performance can only be achieved by managing your overall health. This balanced health approach will impact much more than just your professional performance. You will see improvements in mood, energy, personal and professional relationships, stress management, conflict resolution, and goal attainment. The National Center for Performance Health's physician-led team offers a range of options and round-the-clock availability. Our personalized approach to performance health means we will work with you to develop an optimized performance health plan, and you will be on your way to your best personal and professional self.

How it works



Every journey with us starts with a diagnostic screening during a one-on-one session to help us understand your personal achievement goals. Our team measures and analyzes your physical, nutritional, and cognitive levels to formulate a program of proven strategies designed just for you. As a physician-led team, we use the most current technology, medical studies, methods, and practices to perform diagnostic screening, allowing for the most comprehensive health picture.



Accessibility should not limit you from optimizing your performance health. At NCPH, we leverage state-of-the-art technology designed for athletes and anyone looking to train smarter, recover faster, and gain a competitive edge. Our team uses effective human performance technology such as light board stimulus and interactive metronome training to help individuals reach their full potential. Our technology helps anyone looking to improve their discipline and accuracy, cognitive and visual reaction time, communication and comprehensive skills. 

3-Tier Approach

Customized Approach

NCPH offers three customizable enrollment options designed for individual sessions, small groups, and large groups. Each option offered includes telemedicine visits, which is a service that connects patients and doctors over the phone from the convenience of your home.

  • Small Groups - Small Group sessions provide structured self-awareness in an intimate setting.
  • Large Groups - Seminars, conferences, and large-scale gatherings offer a communal atmosphere to examine performance enhancing health strategies. These can be privately organized for your company or individually attended.
  • Personal Sessions - Dr. Mehra and his providers hold individual sessions to discuss one-on-one optimization strategies. Based on his current experience as a medical staff member for Major League Baseball, Dr. Mehra will work with you to design and implement personalized process improvement strategies.