In July 2019, the National Center for Performance Health (NCPH) proudly launched eCARE4KIDS-Partners in Telepsychiatry in partnership with Children’s Medical Services (CMS) in Florida and the Medicaid Drug Therapy Management Program for Behavioral Health (MDTMP) at the University of South Florida. CMS has provided grant based support for this initiative to provide quality based pediatric psychiatric consultation to statewide Medicaid recipients to help off-set health care expenditures tied to repeated psychiatric hospitalizations and improve patient outcomes. MDTMP has provided consistent expert leadership in quality, evidence based best practices throughout the state of Florida. NCPH is the coordinating entity linking those pediatric Medicaid recipients referred by their primary care physicians to receive a consultation by a board- certified child psychiatrist via telepsychiatry. This is one of a kind program based in Florida. Nationally, few, if any such models exist.

NCPH will be independently expanding the eCARE4KIDS prototype into Florida public schools by focusing on telecounseling services for high need schools. NCPH is poised to be the first to provide telecounseling consultation resources in Hillsborough County (Florida) Public Schools. The primary objective is to improve the academic performance for all participants and ultimately enhance student retention/graduation rates.

Since its founding, the NCPH has unequivocally established itself as an innovative thought leader nationally when it comes to destigmatizing mental illness, raising awareness through impactful education, and creating specific client centered models that provide simple, easy access to prescreened, qualified, licensed, and experienced clinicians. These models include pediatric age group, college students, athletes (professional and collegiate), and employee well-being.