Organizational Resiliency 

Organizational resilience is the ability of an organization to anticipate, prepare for, respond, and adapt to incremental change or sudden disruptions in order to survive and financially prosper. Business health and success is directly linked to the health, success, and happiness of its employees, whether individually or collectively.

While many factors influence organizational resilience, NCPH believes healthy, happy, and resilient employees directly help chart the course for meaningful business success. NCPH assists our clients in achieving this by leveraging the tried and true principles of robust employee assistance programs. Employee performance impacts productivity, absenteeism, healthcare expense, worker’s compensation claims, disability insurance, workplace safety, etc. This performance is routinely disrupted by stressful life events. NCPH offers a simple, easily accessible, confidential resource to individual employees, their dependents, and management to offset the destructive impact of stress. The following features are included to unleash the creative power of people potential in your organization:

  • 24/7/365 free, live, unlimited, confidential, telephonic access to a licensed clinician

  • Models include face-to-face sessions

  • On-site counseling for traumatic events and educational seminars

  • Management consultation and coaching

  • Supervisory referrals