Human Performance Optimization

National Center for Performance Health defines performance health as that ideal state of emotional well-being where the individual or organization has achieved full potential in relationships, business, sport, education, entertainment, and physical well-being. By combining Mental Health, Sports Psychology, and Stress Management, we help you to focus your energy and achieve exponential results. 

The National Center for Performance Health was founded by board-certified performance physician, Rahul N. Mehra, M.D., whose thirty-year medical practice has garnered national attention from such organizations as the National Football League and Major League Baseball. National Center for Performance Health’s elite network of multi-disciplinary performance health specialists work directly with professional/collegiate/youth athletes, entertainers, K-12 schools, private businesses, healthcare professionals, attorneys, and business executives to address emotional health challenges at every age of life.



Improved focus and concentration will enhance performance under pressure.



Creative thinking habits that help minimize anxiety and elevate test scores.



Leadership and communication skills that create high performing teams. 



Improve corporate bottom line by enhancing employee well-being.